A sheep's clothes for Wolfowitz
May 20, 2007 - 1:35:06 PM

Wolfowitz is gone from the World Bank at last - fired for getting big raises for his girl friend. But not before extracting a testimonial from the Bank board about 'his service at the bank' and how 'much has been achieved in the last two years' under his stewardship.

The Bank also accepted his assurance 'that he acted ethically and in good faith in what he believed were the best interests of the institution'.

Anything to make him go - that seemed to be the attitude at the bank as he tenaciously stuck to the job deepening the leadership crisis that had paralysed the institution for two months since a Washington daily broke the story.

The media meanwhile ran its own little titillating sideshow with some profound discussion about what should be the appropriate description for the woman behind the man - companion, girl friend, 'mistress' or bimbo as it was not clear whether Wolfowitz was still married, separated or divorced from his wife.

Others made snide comments about how Shah Riza, 'the femme part of the Rizawitz combo', as one daily put it, was furious about how she has been treated by the World Bank - 'being forced to take leave, staying on the bank's hideously cushy payroll, and having to endure enormous raises and promotions - all because Wolfowitz wanted to be head of the bank'.

Another recalled how 'sour over her sweetheart deal' an angry Riza wondered aloud: 'If I had been a man would it have happened to me? And why is it the woman is always the one who has to leave?'

Now that Wolfowitz is gone, would Riza come back? That's the new guessing game in town!

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