Ricci fine with doing nude scenes
May 15, 2007 - 12:26:39 PM

New York, May 15 - Actress Christina Ricci is comfortable stripping in front of the camera for film scenes.

During the filming of 'Black Snake Moan', the actress was fine staying without her clothes during most of the shoot and did not put them on even when filming halted. quoted her as saying: 'I didn't cover up between shots because I had to get used to being like that and get into the way - was thinking. It didn't matter to her whether she had clothes on or not, so I needed to lose any self-conscious affectations.'

She also confessed that she was not the filmmaker's first choice for the role and had to persuade them she was sexy enough.

'They didn't even want me to audition. But I bleached my hair, auditioned and they still weren't fully convinced. They were worried I wasn't going to be sexual enough, so my agents and publicist just inundated them with sexy images of me. Eventually they said, 'okay, we'll hire her,'' she added.

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