Avian Influenza
No commercial sale of Tamiflu: India
Feb 22, 2006 - 4:07:37 PM

There will be no retail sale of Tamilflu in India, the antidote for human avian flu, as this could be counterproductive, a senior official said here Monday.

"Tamiflu is meant to treat human avian flu cases, not prevent them," Health Secretary P.K. Hota told a news briefing.

"Those who take Tamiflu without having human avian flu lower their defences to the virus and there is a reported case on this from Vietnam," he pointed out.

"Tamiflu will only be distributed through public health channels. This is to prevent its misuse."

There is no preventive drug or vaccine against human avian flu. The influenza vaccine does not prevent a human being from contracting the avian variety.

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