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Last Updated: May 19, 2007 - 1:28:39 PM
News Report
Bangladesh Channel

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Bangladesh mocks at India's 'cash-rich cricketers'
Mar 19, 2007 - 9:20:03 AM
Bangladesh has of late resented being termed 'minnows' of the cricketing world.

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[RxPG] Dhaka, March 19 - A day after its heady triumph, Bangladesh mocked at India's 'cash-rich cricketers' and the cricketing authorities for making cricket 'a product, not sport.'

Behind Dhaka's mood turning somewhat self-righteous is the fact that India is the only cricketing nation that has never invited Bangladeshi team for a test series 'because we are not considered financially viable.'

'India sees cricket as business but Bangladesh knows and plays cricket as a sport. The only country that has not invited Bangladesh to play a test series is India, just because Bangladesh is not financially viable as a team. Now, India have to understand that cricket is a game and not a commercial apple!' wrote Tareq Mahmood in Prathom Alo newspaper.

'The win can be an upset, but if you can forecast a win, is it still an upset?' the newspaper quipped in its lead story on Sunday.

For Bangladesh the victory was 'a protest for considering cricket as a product, and not a sport,' the newspaper said.

The contrast in mood among the two South Asian neighbours was noted by The Daily Star that said: 'While the dawn broke in Bangladesh with joyous celebration in very nook and corner with people distributing sweets, spraying coloured water and displaying patriotism at its best with spontaneous rallies all across the country, flakes flew across the border.'

In an editorial entitled 'Time to Keep A Cool Head', the Daily Star advised: 'This is a grand beginning we have marked in world cup cricket. Let it not get into our head; rather we draw an inspiration from it to play into the super-eight and the rest of the ivy league stages with cool head, right stratagem and determined application.'

Bangladesh has of late resented being termed 'minnows' of the cricketing world.

The New Age said in its editorial: 'For those critics of the new format who have argued relentlessly that the increased number of 'minnows' will only bring down the quality and standard of the World Cup, Ireland's win proves that it is important to give the lesser sides in the world a chance to perform against the best, and the value in being an inclusive sport which encourages wider participation rather than being a sport which is restricted to a small elite club of nations.'

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