Testing Transepithelial Prion Protein Transport In Vitro
Dec 15, 2004 - 6:44:38 PM

The discovery of the "mad cow" variant of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD) as a foodborne illness not only created a worldwide scare but also focused attention on the mechanisms of transmission of the infective agent, the scrapie prion protein (PrPSc). Mishra et al. were surprised to find PrPSc associated with ferritin, a protein clearly abundant in muscle tissue associated with food.

Ravi Shankar Mishra, Subhabrata Basu, Yaping Gu, Xiu Luo, Wen-Quan Zou, Richa Mishra, Ruliang Li, Shu G. Chen, Pierluigi Gambetti, Hisashi Fujioka, and Neena Singh

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