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Farrukh Dhondy for scrapping 'Big Brother'
Jan 19, 2007 - 11:33:56 PM

New Delhi, Jan 19 - Channel 4's former Commissioning Editor Farrukh Dhondy Friday termed the racial slur controversy in reality TV show 'Big Brother' a mere 'gimmick' aimed at fooling people and sought scrapping of the show.

Urging the Channel 4 to stop airing the show, which has been in the eye of a storm over alleged racial remarks targeting participant Indian actor Shilpa Shetty, Dhondy said that there was no truth in the entire controversy.

Dhondy, however sought banning the show not because of the alleged racial remarks against Shilpa but because of the gimmickry in the show, which he said was adversely affecting the behaviour of British children.

'I can vote against the show owing to its gimmickry, but as far as racial remarks against Shetty are concerned, I don't think it's true and real. It's all drama and gimmick,' said Dhondy.

Speaking to NDTV on its hallmark show 'Muqabla', to be telecast Sunday 10 p.m., Dhondy said: 'To me it appears nothing more than a drama... a complete drama. It has all the ingredients of a drama, including crying one moment and embracing the next moment. They strike friendship in one breath and call names to others the next moment, and all before the camera. What else can it be than a drama.'

'I have been saying from day one that this show is aimed at fooling the entire country, including its politicians. It's a terrible and mean show, which teaches British children how to call names, how to bully others and gang up against each other,' said Dhondy, disapproving of the show.

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