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Indian fundamentalists abetting Nepal riots: Prachanda
Feb 1, 2007 - 9:56:09 PM

Kathmandu, Feb 1 - Prachanda, the chief of Nepal's Maoist guerrillas, Thursday said 'Hindu extremists from India' and other foreign forces were behind the violence in the Terai plains, causing terror to help King Gyanendra save his crown in the upcoming elections.

A day after Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala addressed the nation and urged protesters enforcing closures in the southern plains to show restraint and come for talks, the Maoist supremo held a press conference here to express solidarity with the Madhes movement and admit his party's mistake over the death of a student that added fuel to the unrest.

'Some Hindu extremists from India, who do not want to see monarchy abolished in Nepal, are inciting the violence,' Prachanda said. 'They are causing chaos, terror, arson and vandalisation.

'The Indian government has been supporting the ongoing peace process in Nepal but the extremists are associated with the ruling parties.'

Though he did no name these parties, Prachanda however directly accused the US Ambassador in Nepal James Moriarty of causing provocation.

For the first time since the 18-year-old student was killed in Maoist firing during a clash in Lahan town last month, the Maoist chief expressed regret, saying it was a 'mistake and weakness' and action was being taken against those involved. However, he said people should not try to take advantage of the error and malign his party.

The Maoists Thursday joined the Madhes movement - of the Madhesis who are of Indian origin and live in the Terai plains - staging a peace march in Janakpur town.

'Our party has always supported the Madhes cause,' Prachada said. 'Our three key demands are for a federal government, proportional electoral representation and a democratic republic.'

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