Study to Understand Health, Stress and Work-related Issues of Physicians of Indian Origin
Jun 29, 2010 - 9:54:19 AM

Over the last few decades, doctors from India have been filling the workforce shortages of healthcare sector in western world. Several thousand Indian doctors have emigrated to US, UK, Australia and Canada and many have gained prominence in their respective fields. Despite training in a system catering to entirely different needs, such doctors have shown immense resilience and adaptability to command the respect and appreciation of the general public in these countries. Now a group of Doctors in UK is making an attempt to study the attitudes and beliefs of physicians of Indian origin worldwide.

This group is led by Professor Raman Bedi, Professor of Transcultural Oral Health at King's College London. He was the Chief Dental Officer of England from 2002 to 2005. He is also the Chairman of the Global Child Dental Fund, having established the Global Child Dental Health Task force, and continues to practise. Bedi also chaired the English Dental Workforce Review (2004) and completed its implementation targets in October 2005, namely increasing the primary care workforce by 5% net and generating a 25% increase in dental undergraduate training. Other focuses of Bedi's term included reform of the prison dental service and of the Salaried Dental Service. In September 2005 he chaired the UK European Union Presidency dental programme.

Other members of the project team are Professor Adrian Furnham (University College London), Dr. Viren Swami and Ms. Rebecca Coles (University of Westminster).

The survey has been approved by the relevant ethics committee in UK.

If you are a physician of Indian origin, then please help the researchers by completing this survey at the link below.

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