Indian neurosurgeon gets top Canadian award
Jul 5, 2009 - 3:06:11 PM

Toronto, July 2 - An internationally recognised Indian Canadian neurosurgeon is among 60 people honoured with the Order of Canada this year.

The top civilian awards were announced Wednesday to mark Canada Day, which celebrates the birth of the country as a confederation in 1867.

Regina-based neurosurgeon Krishna Kumar, who is internationally known for his research in treating chronic pain, was given the honour for his pioneering work in medical sciences.

A statement from Canadian Governor General Michaelle Jean said Kumar is being honoured 'for his contributions as a clinical professor and researcher in neurosurgery, and for the development of innovative brain and spinal implants used for the treatment of chronic pain'.

Based in Saskatchewan province of Canada, 78-year-old Kumar has practised neurosurgery in Canada for almost five decades.

Apart from receiving almost two dozen national and international awards, he has also been honoured with two lecturerships named after him.

Last year, he was named the provincial Saskatchewan Physician of the Year for his medical services.

Bestowing the honour on Kumar, Milo Fink, president of the Saskatchewan Medical Association, had summed up his contribution, saying, 'He - has been a pioneer in the management of pain with neurosurgical procedures and the bulk of his international reputation is based upon such procedures as spinal stimulation and deep brain implants.'

The Indian neurosurgeon is famous for treating chronic pain with spinal implant therapy rather than conventional therapies.

To avoid the need for pain medication, he has also developed a programmable and implantable pump for patients.

Further, he has also pioneered a deep brain stimulation technique in which an electrode delivers low-voltage stimulation to the brain to reduce the feeling of chronic pain.

Kumar's pioneering work has been featured in a documentary called 'Living with Pain'.

Started in 1967 during Canada's 100th anniversary, the Order of Canada recognises Canadians for their accomplishments in various walks of life. Many Indian Canadians have received this award which is presented at a grand ceremony in the nation's capital Ottawa.

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