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Beware of Rakhi, the lethal seductress
May 4, 2007 - 8:33:01 AM

Mumbai, May 4 - The unstoppable Rakhi Sawant has been telling anyone who cares to listen to her that she's the main lead in Rahul Rawail's comedy 'Buddha Mil Gaya'.

She's been told to withhold is the fact that she plays the most lethal seductress ever seen on screen.

'Rakhi is this hot siren. Anyone she makes love to simply collapses and dies. That's how hot she is in the film,' said a source.

Apparently, her victims in the film include Paresh Rawal, Vinay Pathak and Prem Chopra.

'These are among the many victims who sleep with the character and simply fall dead,' said the source.

Rawail thought of Rakhi for this character as she's the only actress with the gumption to play the role. Apparently, when the director narrated the role to Rakhi, she excitedly called up her boyfriend.

'Pataa hai, main ek dhansoon role kar rahi hoon. Jisske saath soti hoon woh mar jaata hai. -,' she squealed to her boyfriend over the phone.

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