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Did Bipasha and Arshad have a tiff in London?
May 8, 2007 - 9:02:19 AM

Mumbai, May 8 - Stories that she squabbled with her co-star Arshad Warsi on the set of 'Goal' in London have Bipasha Basu baffled.

'Look, I can't say Arshad is a friend. But we were cordial co-stars. He's a fantastic actor. The story of our supposed fight was definitely leaked from someone from the unit. Not me. I didn't speak to anyone from the media at all. I've no issues with him. Arshad plays my brother in 'Goal'. We had great bonding on screen,' Bipasha told IANS.

The entire unit knew about the fight, except Bipasha.

'I was in the dark until Boman Irani spilled the beans,' said Bipasha who is still reeling under that story.

'It was so bizarre. But no one told me. It said I stormed out of the set. I'd never do that. I'm too professional for that. Whether another actor comes on time or not is none of my concern. I'll sit on the set for the number of hours that I'm paid for. I don't react to unpleasant situations with tantrums at all.

'Why would I walk out of the set because of Arshad? I'm not being politically correct. I was proper with Arshad. We didn't become buddies. So what? He kept to himself. That was his choice. And we didn't have a chance to get along. But no, I didn't carry a friendship with Arshad back home.'

It's said the problems between Arshad and Bipasha can be sourced to his cold war with John Abraham.

She retaliates: 'If people say we had a problem because my boyfriend was on sets and I was aloof, then that's rubbish because I wasn't aloof. Boman and the other boys can vouch for that.

'John and I mix around on the sets. We like to work as a team.' She falls into thought. 'Arshad was the only person aloof on the sets. Maybe he was stressed or tired. But that doesn't mean we had a problem.'

The actress claims she bonded with all her male co-stars in the film.

'I specially liked bonding with the Bangladeshi football players. Since I play a doctor, I was on the bench most of the time. These Bangladeshi players and I had a blast every day.

'The weather got freezing at times. Sometimes it felt like we'd freeze to death. But we survived. The character I play is completely different from anything I've done so far.'

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