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Emraan goes outside the family fold
May 8, 2007 - 8:26:51 AM

Mumbai, May 8 - Bollywood's serial kisser Emraan Hashmi has stretched his wings beyond the family fold with his second outside film 'Good Boy Bad Boy' that releases Friday.

Talking about his new move, Emraan told IANS: 'When you work with a name like Mahesh Bhatt it has its pros and cons. The Bhatts do make a dark, dramatic, high-concept emotional kind of cinema. And it's wonderful to be part of that cinema. But I do need to explore another lighter facet of my personality as an actor.'

Also, one may add, the pay cheque would be family-based and hence nominal.

'Money has never been an issue with the Bhatts. Vishesh Films is a family concern. And I'm doing as many films now outside the Bhatt camp as I do inside. If I've two films with the Bhatts, I now have at least two outside films including one with Shayam Bajaj with whom I did 'Aksar'.'

What about the inseparable team with Himesh Reshammiya?

'What about it?' Emran shots back. 'For my own selfish reasons I wouldn't like to go on depending on Himesh's tracks. It then becomes like a crutch. I don't want any handicaps in my career. Yes, I'd like to believe good music adds as much to a film's success quotient as a good director.

'I've had a good run of films with Mohit Suri, Anurag Basu and Anant Mahadevan. It's good to learn from them and then experiment with other directorial talents. I'd rather move forward without any external support,' Emraan said, referring to his move away from the Bhatts and Himesh.

The actor admits that Himesh played an important role in shaping up his career.

'We - are not husband-wife to be inseparable. He is a very talented man and he has played his cards right. He has played a big hand in my career. He has given me great tracks like 'Aashiq banaya' and 'Jhalak dikhla jaa'. Music is today very important for the success of a star.'

Now he wants to play variety of roles.

'I just want to do good and diverse films. I believe the box office is important. For my kitchen to function it's important for the producer to profit. I'd like to work with more like-minded people. It doesn't matter who is making the film. For me acting is an expression of my personality.

'I started right after college assisting Bhatt saab and Vikram Bhatt. I never felt I could make anything of my life. Mahesh Bhatt instilled a lot of confidence in me. He virtually held my hand and took me through the whole process of performing. I can never thank him enough.'

Marriage has brought no outward changes in Emraan's life.

'My wife Parveen knows my life inside out. She recognises my space. She knows how important my career is. She loves kids. She was teaching at a play school. She'll probably continue to do so.

'Somewhere I need to do films that will position my career on another level. Let's see it goes. I think this will be a very good year.'

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