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I won't fall into the controversy trap: Rekha
May 4, 2007 - 8:49:17 AM

Mumbai, May 4 - Rekha, one of the most reclusive Bollywood actresses, is in no mood to talk about the various controversies surrounding her film 'Yatra', releasing Friday, that she says have been created as people want her to retaliate.

'Why this film? I never speak about my films. By talking about an issue, we tend to trivialise it,' Rekha told IANS in an interview.

'However, I've my own take on the publicity of a film. Every time a film comes along, the people behind it talk about how different it is from the run-of-the-film,' she added.

She terms it as 'hamburger culture' from the West.

'But I don't believe movies are a product. You aren't selling emotions; you're sharing emotions. Our Indian way of looking at emotions is different. I don't think I need to stand on a podium and say what kind of performance I've given in 'Yatra' or any other film.'

The film, which also has Nana Patekar and Deepti Naval in main leads, is about a writer's journey and has been selected for the Montreal film festival. But it made more news for alleged differences between director Gautam Ghosh and Rekha. Apparently, the film's crew was upset with the diva's constant interference.

'I won't waste a single moment justifying my behaviour or defending myself. Other people can say and do what they like. All I can say is, empty vessels make the most noise. And I'm anything but empty.

'But I won't let people fire their guns from my shoulder. 'Yatra' definitely isn't one of those films where everyone needs to scream at the top of one's voice to make an impact. Every film I do is mine,' she said.

'These controversies are being created for me to retaliate. I won't fall into the trap. Since Nana Patekar won't talk, I won't talk, news has to be created somehow. I truly believe a film should speak for itself. I won't talk,' she added.

Rekha says she has a small role in 'Yatra'. 'I hope I was not an uninvited guest,' she said. 'I always believe every film and every unit I work in is my baby and my family. I've no complaints.'

So is Rekha trying to enhance her mystical image by refraining from coming out for publicity?

'Do you really think one can create an enigmatic aura by staying away from the limelight. What about Nargis Dutt? She was visible everywhere from cinema to politics. And yet what mystique she conveyed! To this day she's an enigma to everyone, including her own husband and children.

'Sanju - remembers her only for the love that she showered on him and that he gave back to her unconditionally. Beyond that he knows nothing about her. I am certainly not out to create an image by not talking about my film.'

What if people perceive her to be eccentric?

'What's wrong with that? If a few eccentric people find me eccentric I don't mind,' shrugs Rekha.

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