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Jassi stars Mona and Karan to wed next year
Apr 27, 2007 - 8:31:39 AM

Mumbai, April 27 - After film diva Aishwarya Rai, television's own dream girl Mona Singh, aka Jassi, might be the next bride-to-be from our relationship-friendly entertainment industry.

Though Mona is characteristically coy about expressing her love, her man for all seasons Karan Oberoi, who co-starred with her in 'Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin', sings for the Band Of Boys and now also co-anchors Zee's 'Antakshari', is open about holding her hand through her career and other individual impulses.

'We haven't finalised a date yet. But yes, our marriage is definitely on next year. I leave it entirely to Mona. She has Bollywood aspirations. I don't. For me, music is everything. And even if the band is reduced to a band of one -, I'd still continue to sing. When I did a film 'Kiss Kiss Ko' with the Band Of Boys, the others were watching. I was just listening to myself sing,' Karan told IANS.

The reason Mona has been quiet is because her parents had issues about their relationship.

'We were shooting for 'Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin' and that's when her parents realised I'm not a bad sort. Mona and I are so alike. And so are our families. We're both from army backgrounds. But what really bonds us is our small-town roots. We haven't forgotten where we've come from.'

Karan met Mona for the first time during the shooting of 'Jassi...' in Mauritius.

'After that we kind of drifted apart, only to be brought together again for the serial. Thank god for 'Jassi...' But yes, celebrity relationships are endangered by excessive attention.'

Which explains why Mona has kept mum about her man.

'We in the entertainment business lead fish-bowl lives. But I guess we have to learn to cope with the attention. Patience and mutual understanding always helps.'

Will Mona continue to work after marriage?

'What she should or shouldn't do after marriage is not for me to decide. What she does with her life beyond her relationship with me is entirely her prerogative. She can do as she pleases. And I'll stand by her in whatever she does.'

Karan isn't doing any serials at the moment.

'I decided to anchor 'Antakshari' because I love music. And Zee allowed me to host it my way. I love kids and interacting with them. Besides we have a very enthusiastic team which doesn't think the way the home medium has been lobotomised into thinking.'

As for his tenure with the Band Of Boys, Karan says he has just done another music video with them.

'We should be out with another album soon. In the meanwhile, I'm doing a whole lot of shows.'

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