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'Mungaru Male' album sets sale record
May 4, 2007 - 8:50:46 AM

Bangalore, May 4 - 'Mungaru Male' has recorded the highest sale for a film audio in the past five years.

The top five Kannada albums are:

1. 'Mungaru Male' - Whether the sale of the album will break the records of all-time hits like 'Jogi' and 'Yajamaana' is to be seen. 'Anisuthide' and 'Onde ondu sari' are the top songs of the film. California-based composer Mano Murthy has delivered one of the biggest hits of his career.

2. 'Duniya' - 'Kariya I love you' and the title song have become very popular. The audio is in demand in all the centres. Music director V. Manohar has made a comeback with a bang. It also is the first big hit for Akshaya Audio.

3. 'Hudugaata' - The film's audio and CD were released only a few days ago, but the impact is already noticeable. Music director Jessi Gift has done a good job.

4. 'Masti' - The film, starring Upendra and with music by Guru Kiran, is releasing Friday. The initial sales of the audio are because of the combined popularity of actor Upendra and composer Guru Kiran.

5. 'Pallaki' - The film is yet to be released, but its album is getting a good response because of expectations from a Prem-starrer. The albums of his two previous films - 'Nenapirali' and 'Jothe Jotheyali' - were big hits.

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