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Newcomer Mithoon impresses with 'The Train'
May 20, 2007 - 8:12:05 AM

Film: 'The Train'; Music Director: Mithoon; Singers: Mithoon, KK, Kshitij Tarey, Shilpa Rao, Zubeen, Shaan; Ratings: **1/2

Mithoon gets his big break finally with 'The Train' and he's done quite an impressive job for a newcomer. The movie sees the sensual Shilpa Rao making a mark for herself. With every song being either average or good, the soundtrack should do great with the audience.

KK does it again. With the emotional and sentimental track 'Beete lamhein', he re-establishes his hold on great singing. Kshitij Tarey, who's a new name to reckon with, joins him.

The poetic lyrics by Sayeed Qadri teamed with Mithoon's music makes for some nice sentimental music. Slow in its pace, the number also has continuous light guitar strumming that makes it pleasurable to hear.

'Mausam' is one track that cannot be missed. Especially since the composer renders his own voice to the track. Who would have known he has such a great voice!

Again, with melodic lyrics, this track has an array of musical arrangements that add to the feel of the number. Sentiments are packed in this track too, making it a great romantic piece.

'Teri tamanna', with the duo of KK and Zubin Garg, is next on the list of 'worth-it' songs, though its popularity could be termed doubtful. It sounds nice with electric guitars strumming their way through the song, but there's something lacking that might prevent it from reaching the top.

Shilpa Rao and Mithoon once again make 'Woh ajnabee' worth a hear. Rao's sensual and seductive voice sounds amazing and makes the track enjoyable.

To end the album, Mithoon brings forward 'The Train -'. The composer decides to go absolutely literal with the number, as throughout the song one gets to hear various sounds associated with the train. There's the chugging of the train, the cooing, and Qadri's lyrics too lend support. A job well done!

Mithoon is going to have his hands full after this album and, hopefully, the likes of Reshammiya will take a back seat. Not only does Mithoon prove his mettle as a composer, his voice makes a mark and will be noticed. Way to go Mithoon!

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