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Playback singers always in the background, says Alisha
May 4, 2007 - 10:19:09 AM

Mumbai, May 4 - Post 'Kajra re' Alisha Chinai must be rocking. Or so you're likely to believe. But the singer has another story to tell.

'Playback singers continue to be the underdogs of the music industry. We really need to be paid better. I've been fighting for 10 years and I've maintained a parallel music career outside the movies. In the movies they think they're doing me a favour,' says a disillusioned Alisha.

'An average film star gets Rs.20 million for a film. A playback singer gets Rs.20,000-Rs.25,000. Even when a song like 'Kajra re' becomes a runaway hit I don't benefit,' she added.

Nowadays Alisha demands and expects her price. 'Of course a lot of producers settle for a mediocre voice. I'm quite happy singing my 10 songs a year. Singing less keeps my voice fresh.'

Alisha is releasing another non-film album in May. One of the tracks is bound to create a stir.

Alisha said with a laugh: 'There's a very audacious and upfront song called 'Shut up and kiss me'. I hope people will take it with a sense of humour. It's sexy but not raunchy. So no raised eyebrows, I hope.'

Years ago, Alisha had created a sensation with the song 'Sexy sexy' for Karisma Kapoor in 'Khuddar'. The words had to be changed to appease the moralists.

'I don't think we'll have to change the words this time,' said Alisha. 'The album has been recorded completely in the UK. So it's got a crossover sound. My producer is Ravi Bal.'

Alisha is heavily into astrology.

'My astrologer had predicted that my bad phase would end with 'Kajra re'. That song resurrected my career, thanks to Aishwarya Rai who looked awesome. I enjoy the thought of singing for Aishwarya, Kareena and Vidya Balan.'

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