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Who's spreading rumours about Karan-Himani link-up?
Apr 29, 2007 - 8:08:54 AM

Mumbai, April 29 - Television actor Karan Oberoi was outraged over rumours in a section of the press linking him with his co-host Himani Kapoor on Zee TV's 'Antakshari'.

'This kind of nonsense is very annoying,' said Karan with uncharacteristic edginess.

'Till now, everyone was pestering Mona and me to admit to our relationship. Now that we've finally come out in the open, corny stories about Himani and me have started doing the rounds. Give the girl a break! She's just a kid. And I treat her as one. People who talk like this deserve to be put in the zoo.'

Dismissing any awkwardness with Mona on the issue, Karan says: 'She knows me and the entertainment industry only too well to react to such loose talk.'

There are those who suggest that the channel, alarmed by the dipping television rating points - for 'Antakshari' since Gajendra Singh moved on, could have a hand in the Karan-Himani rumours.

Karan disagrees. 'Why would they spread such a rumour? It can only affect the programme adversely. Both Himani and I would become so self-conscious we would stop interacting on the show.'

In fact the romantic speculation has already had some adverse effect. Himani's parents are so upset about the link-up that the girl has decided to keep her distance from the gregarious Karan!

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