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'Yatra' is all about a writer's journey
May 1, 2007 - 10:14:24 AM

New Delhi, May 1 - Known for giving a socialist touch to his movies, Bengali director Gautam Ghose tries something different with his new film 'Yatra' releasing Friday. The film weaves together the visualisation of a filmmaker with the imagination of a writer.

This Nana Patekar, Rekha and Nakul Vaid starrer is described as a multi-layered film. It revolves around a writer working on his new book even as the characters from his old novel haunt him. Eventually his real life gets mingled with the characters of the earlier work.

Dasrath Joglekar -, a celebrated writer, travels to Delhi to receive the prestigious Literary Award. On his way, he meets a young filmmaker - who turns out to be an ardent fan of Dasrath's literary works and the meeting brings back memories of the past.

Both of them travel back in time, remembering characters from Dasrath's celebrated novel 'Janaza', reconstructing the true story of the novel's protagonist Lajvanti - from their own perspective. Fact and fiction merge to create a new journey.

After the award ceremony, Dasarath begins another journey with his new novel, while the nostalgia of the previous one haunts him. One day Dasarath disappears from his hotel. His sudden disappearance creates tension in his house. His wife Smita - and his children are on tenterhooks.

On the other hand, Dasrath's memories take him to Mehendi galli where Lajvanti alias Lajobai lives. But the entire area has changed and Lajvanti has become Miss Lisa. Instead of mujras she now entertains her clients with hit film numbers.

Dasarath's sudden appearance is a great surprise for Lajvanti. The character of his novel 'Janaza' comes alive in an unexpected juncture when Lajvanti sings melodies from their past.

Is it all Dashrath's imagination or does he really meet Lajvanti?

With films like 'Paar', 'Abar Aranye' and 'Dekha', Ghose has carved a niche for himself and the entire cast of 'Yatra' is impressive too therefore people are hoping the film will be a treat to watch.

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