Campbell says community service spoilt her looks
May 16, 2007 - 12:26:35 PM

London, May 16 - British supermodel Naomi Campbell was scared of the effect five days of community service would have on her face and she says that she started to feel 'the wear and tear of the week'.

Campbell had to serve at the New York sanitation department for flinging a mobile phone at her former housekeeper, reports

In her dairy she wrote: 'I start to feel the wear and tear of the week. I see bags under my eyes. I think, 'Oh my god. I need a good night's sleep.''

She was surprised that most of her community co-workers had never left the US.

She added: 'Two of the people in the room have never been on a plane. They ask me what it's like and I'm embarrassed to tell them I was on seven planes the week before alone.'

She also revealed that her addictive personality got her hooked on sweeping.

'I keep on sweeping. I'm moving so fast they tell me to slow down. I'm getting very protective of my pile of rubbish - kind of the way I feel about my Hermes handbag. I keep looking around to make sure no one is crossing into the area I was assigned to sweep. I guess that's my all-or-nothing behaviour again. Once I start sweeping, I have to sweep everything,' she said.

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