De Niro seeks lawsuit dismissal
May 20, 2007 - 11:50:30 AM

London, May 20 - Actor Robert De Niro is asking a California judge to dismiss a lawsuit against him, filed by an insurance company accusing him of fraud.

The Fireman's Fund Insurance Company filed a suit against De Niro last year, accusing him of deceit around the time of his 2003 cancer diagnosis.

The firm paid Fox studios $1.87 million after De Niro was forced to delay filming of 'Hide And Seek' so he could receive treatment for prostate cancer, said

Days before his diagnosis, De Niro signed an insurance certificate, declaring he had never been 'diagnosed with or treated for a disorder of the prostate glands'.

The Fireman's Fund have accused De Niro of misrepresenting his health when he signed the certificate on Oct 13. 2003.

De Niro's lawyer Robyn Crowther says: 'They are an insurance company; they had an obligation to pay his claim. Now they're trying to get him to pay.'

De Niro insists he was unaware he had cancer until Oct 15, 2003 although he had undergone a biopsy five days earlier.

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