Fonda pays surprise tribute to Larry King
May 6, 2007 - 12:08:26 PM

London, May 6 - Hollywood star Jane Fonda surprised her friend and CNN anchorman Larry King by turning up in person during a special show to honour his 50 years in the business.

She spoke fondly of her special friendship with the newsman.

'I thought I'd just stop by and say, '50 years, you've gotta be kidding...' He doesn't look a day over 50. You've always been a real good friend and you're one of my favourite people to have as a guest in my ranch,' Fonda was quoted as saying by

The actress also had a little fun at King's expense, joking about his skills as a horseman. She said: 'For those of you watching from home you haven't lived until you've seen Larry on a horse; it's a little bit like George W. Bush in a flight suit - it's just wrong.'

She concluded by praising King's interview technique, stating: 'Being interviewed by him is like sitting in a living room with a friend... who's smart, who's kind and a little bit flirtatious.'

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