Sarkozy 'to give everything to France'
May 7, 2007 - 10:36:15 AM

Paris, May 7 - President-elect Nicolas Sarkozy said in his victory speech that he was ready to 'give everything to France'.

'This evening is a victory for France. There is only one France. I ask you to be generous, to be tolerant, to be fraternal, ' Sarkozy told some 10,000 people in the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

Sarkozy won the French presidential race on Sunday by gaining 53.06 percent of the vote, according to final results released by the interior ministry.

'Millions of French are watching us. Millions of French have placed their trust in us. You must understand that the first people I wish to address are those who did not place their trust in us,' Sarkozy said.

'I want them to understand that I will be a president of the Republic for all the French without exception.'

The president-elect promised to fight for justice and equal opportunity for all people.

'I want to say to all who suffer from injustice, to all who are not respected, all those who placed their faith in arguments other than mine -- I will be a president who fights injustice,' he said.

'I will give each person his or her opportunity... All must have their opportunity, but they must earn it by work, by personal commitment, by belief. All must have again their personal dignity,' he said.

Sarkozy recognised he was faced with 'immense responsibilities' but promised that he would not disappoint the French.

'I promised you full employment. I will fight for it. I said spending power is a serious problem. I will fight to make it better. I said that the identity of France, that cultural commitment in the service of the history and culture of France, are priorities -- and they will be.'

'France gave me everything. Now the time has come for me to give everything to France,' he said.

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