Snoop Dogg defends women in music videos
May 8, 2007 - 12:06:14 PM

London, May 8 - Rapper Snoop Dogg has defended women who appear semi-naked in hip-hop music videos against accusations they are 'hos' and says they are just 'following their dreams'.

Dogg is angry that these women are criticised, reports

He said: 'Who's to say that these women in videos are hos? They are classy women, and if you really try to mack to them, they'll tell you, 'Well, I have a man' or 'I'm not into that' or 'I don't do that'.

'Not every girl in the videos has sex with the rappers or lays out her body and does whatever the rapper says. A lot of these women do this as a means of modelling or being appreciated for their looks.

'It's a shame that they are being classified as video hos. Halle Berry was in a video with -. Does that make her a hos? She kissed him in the video too. Does that make her a hos? 'Some girls are into it because they are following their dreams.'

He says that TV is a long way for these girls who hail from the country or small parts of the world.

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