A new summary of guidance for wellbeing by Dr Lynne Drummond
Jul 20, 2012 - 7:29:06 AM

In the past you may have tried ‘quick intense fixes, diets and de-tox’ for a particular health concern, finding them helpful but not sustainable. This is not a failing within you; it is because most of these heavily promoted programs are indeed NOT sustainable by most people. This guide is for those seeking incremental, sustainable improvement.

Your current concern might be weight gain; poor sleep pattern; lack of energy or stress & anxiety. For most though, this guide is just the opportunity to have a thorough review and overhaul in the knowledge that the better your general health is, the better you will feel and the stronger you will be in tackling your general life and career challenges.

There are templates to complete and follow, enabling you to measure your progress to a new lifestyle!

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