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Hezbollah warns against attack on Iran
Apr 9, 2007 - 8:30:19 AM

Beirut, April 9 - The secretary general of Lebanon's militant Hezbollah movement, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has warned against any attack on Iran.

'If anyone in Lebanon is building hopes that Iran will be attacked I tell them if this happens the whole region will not stay the same and counting on such calculations will prove to be wrong,' Nasrallah told a group of his followers Sunday during a ceremony in Beirut's southern suburbs.

Nasrallah, whose group is leading the opposition against Lebanon's Western-backed government headed by Premier Fouad Seniora, accused some members of the anti-Syrian parliamentary majority of deluding themselves by counting on major regional changes to change the current situation in Lebanon.

The Hezbollah chief said in reference to the internal Lebanese political crisis that the dialogue between the Lebanese factions has failed and he proposed a referendum to resolve the deadlock between the pro-and anti-Syrian camps.

'The two camps have reached a deadlock. It is best to hold a referendum and early elections, where the people can decide who will rule the country,' Nasrallah said.

Lebanon has been locked in a political crisis since six pro-Syrian ministers resigned from the Seniora government in November.

The opposition have been calling on the cabinet to resign and form a national unity government by granting the pro-Syrian opposition veto power.

Nasrallah reasserted that 'Hezbollah would not allow itself to be dragged into a civil war ... we will continue all our useful, democratic and civil means' of protest against the cabinet.

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