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Croatian doctors remove 10-kilo tumour from patient
Mar 23, 2006 - 5:40:37 PM

Surgeons in the western Croatian town of Gospic removed a massive, 10-kilo abdominal tumour from a female patient, the Zagreb daily 24sata reported Wednesday.

The woman, 66, was brought to the hospital from a nearby village after suffering severe stomach pain for several days. Doctors said they were shocked to find a tumour that had virtually filled most of her abdominal cavity.

The tumour was of a huge size in relation to the slightly built patient, who had the appearance of a pregnant woman, the report said.

"It pushed everything aside and was pressing the aorta and lungs, creating vascular and respiratory problems," surgeon Darko Milinovic stated. "The operation was complicated by the size of the tumour and during this the patient received four packages of blood transfusion."

Tumours of that size are almost always benign, but can kill by severing circulation or increasing pressure on sensitive parts of the body.

Two doctors manipulated the tumour around, while Milinovic was cutting around it. It was the largest tumour ever extracted in the Gospic hospital - the old record was four kilos.

The woman was said to be recovering well after Tuesday's operation and is expected to be discharged by the end of the week.

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