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Two-week-old embedded arrow surgically removed
Apr 25, 2006 - 8:43:37 PM

A Madhya Pradesh tribal who was walking around normally with an arrowhead embedded deep in his chest for two weeks, had the weapon piece removed surgically by doctors at Indore.

Gajuram, 35, of Khargone district was hit on April 7 by an arrow by fellow tribesman Kaliya when he refused to give him the hen he wanted. Though Gajuram pulled out the stem of the arrow, the head remained inside, police said.

Gajuram was taken to Khargone hospital where doctors referred him to MY Hospital, Indore, the next day. But Gajuram took it lightly and continued with his routine.

After two weeks a relative brought him to MY hospital where he was operated upon.

"Doctors at the hospital were shocked to see a man surviving for such a long time though the X ray showed that the arrow had pierced deep into his thoracic region, damaging one of his lungs," said R.K. Mathur.

"Doctors were afraid of conducting an operation by giving anaesthesia as they felt with a damaged lung it would be too risky," said another doctor V.S. Bhatia.

Bhatia, who held several rounds of consultations with seniors, undertook the two-hour operation on Saturday by giving Gajuram local anaesthesia.

The arrowhead was removed successfully without any damage to other parts of the body.

"Any other human being would have died with an arrow piercing into his body from the right shoulder to the left side, piercing his lungs," the doctors said.

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