Mental Health
Mental health charity warns of consequences of online gambling
By The Mental Health Foundation
Jun 27, 2005, 21:35

Poker websites and other online gambling services may be exciting investors at the moment, but there may be dangers for online gamblers, warns a mental health charity.

The Mental Health Foundation is concerned that online gambling could create problems for some individuals, with potentially serious consequences. In light of this, the charity has created new on-line resources for people who may be experiencing problems with gambling.

Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation says:

"Many, many people, including young people, are gambling from the comfort of their own homes, or from work. For some, occasional gambling that becomes an addiction can lead to problems -: not just debt, but relationship breakdowns and problems at work."

"Players can become isolated, avoiding social contact with family members, friends and colleagues, and lose interest in other activities. Compounded with financial worries, the mental health implications are serious, and charities like the Mental Health Foundation need to offer their support."

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