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EMCare now available via Dialog and Datastar
By Elsevier
Sep 1, 2006, 17:25

Elsevier Bibliographic Databases announced today that EMCare, The Database for Healthcare Professionals, is available via the Dialog and DataStar platforms. EMCare is the most recent addition to Elsevier's portfolio of bibliographic databases, and with close to 2 million records from the nursing, allied health and biomedical literature, it is a key information resource for professionals engaged at all levels of healthcare, whether in patient care, scientific research or education.

Magdaleine Margaritis, Marketing Manager, Elsevier Bibliographic Databases, stated, "We are very pleased that EMCare is joining the collection of healthcare databases hosted on Thomson Scientific's Dialog and DataStar platforms. EMCare is competitively priced and designed as an affordable alternative to other allied healthcare and nursing databases. Its availability on these services will expand the audience to which EMCare is accessible and enable users to search EMCare simultaneously with other information sources."

With cover-to-cover indexing of more than 2,700 international sources, including peer-reviewed journals, trade publications and electronic-only titles, EMCare includes unique content not found in other nursing and allied health databases. As well as supporting the practice of evidence-based treatment in hospitals and community healthcare settings, EMCare furnishes timely access to new information that may lead to more cost-effective and higher quality healthcare, and supports faculty and equips students with the information they need to perform successfully as members of tomorrow's workforce.

EMCare's comprehensive coverage includes evidence-based healthcare, all nursing specialties and professions, nursing education and training, nursing development and management, health and health care economics, midwifery, psychiatry and mental health, traumatology, emergency and critical care medicine, emergency services, dental hygiene, nutrition and dietetics, physical therapy and surgical technology.

Currency is an important feature, with new records available online as quickly as two weeks after print publication. The files on both Dialog [File 45] and DataStar [EMCA] are updated weekly and feature a 10-year backfile. More than 200,000 new records are added each year.

EMCare's indexing supports consistent retrieval of relevant records across the entire database. Underlying the indexing is EMTREE: Elsevier's Life Science Thesaurus, which has been significantly expanded with close to 1,500 nursing terms in addition to existing allied health terms. Additional fields enable searching for Molecular Sequence Numbers, and for both Trade Names and Manufacturer Names of drugs and medical devices.

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