Nepal crown princess to shift to India?
Mar 21, 2007 - 1:05:31 PM

Kathmandu, March 21 - With growing uncertainty looming over Nepal's 238-year-old snake throne, Crown Princess Himani is contemplating taking up abode in India for the security of her three children, a report said.

The crown princess, who unlike her husband - controversial Crown Prince Paras - is still popular with the public and is regarded as a devoted mother, wants to leave Nepal with her children fearing for their security following an unpleasant incident a month ago, the Ghatana R Bichar weekly reported Wednesday.

Himani, who comes from a former royal family in India, has a son, Prince Hridayendra, who till last year was regarded as his father's heir and the future king of Nepal. She also has two daughters, Princess Purnika, the eldest of the three siblings, and Princess Krittika, the youngest.

All three children go to Roopy's International School in Kathmandu, breaking away from the tradition in the royal family that send its princes to study in missionary schools in eastern India.

Since the fall of King Gyanendra's government last year and mounting unpopularity of the monarch and the crown prince, there have been rumours that both could abdicate in favour of Hridayendra to save the endangered crown.

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, who has been advocating ceremonial monarchy, added to the speculation recently by saying that a new avenue would be opened if the king and the crown prince abdicated.

Though Nepal still has a soft spot for the young prince and princesses, a minor accident last month created a tense situation in the capital.

The car carrying the young prince had a brush with a motorcycle, triggering public anger. A mob began shouting slogans against the royal family and blocked the road for several hours.

Since then, the crown prince and his family have shifted from their palace in the city to a former royal hunting lodge on the outskirts, considering that a more secure and inaccessible place.

Troubled by the incident, Himani remains tense till the children return from their school, the weekly reported.

She has requested her husband to allow her to move to India with the children, it said. However, the crown prince himself has apparently no desire to live anywhere else, other media reports added.

Paras faces losing the throne after a crucial election in June when voters will choose between the crown and a republic. He is now engaged in building a swimming pool in the Gokarna resort, where he is currently living, the Jana Aastha weekly said.

Forced to keep a low profile due to the prevailing animosity against the royal family, the crown prince has reportedly been keeping himself busy by playing golf and throwing parties for family members.

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