World hails new government in Nepal
Apr 1, 2007 - 6:46:31 PM

Kathmandu, April 1 - The international community Sunday welcomed the formation of a new government in Nepal with the participation of the Maoists, calling it a 'key moment' for the consolidation of the country's peace process.

The US, the EU and the UN said they would fully support the elections scheduled to be held on June 20.

'The EU encourages the interim government and the recently formed interim parliament to move the peace process further forward by preparing vigorously for timely elections for the constituent assembly,' the EU said.

'The EU calls on all political forces in Nepal to demonstrate their commitment to fundamental democratic values in order to allow free and fair elections to take place. The people of Nepal are entitled to live by the rule of law and free of fear and intimidation and that their human rights should be respected.'

Ian Martin, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon's personal representative for Nepal, said a truly unified government should be in a stronger position to face challenges like the election, establishing effective law enforcement across the country and providing for the future of former Maoist soldiers combatants.

The US, while urging the new eight-party government to initiate a comprehensive national dialogue with protesting ethnic groups, had a warning for the Maoists.

'The Communist Party of Nepal -, which to date has refused to abandon violence, must finally do so,' it said.

'As a partner in the interim government, the Maoists must now be held fully accountable for their actions... and at last join the mainstream as a non-violent political party.'

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