Higher Leptin levels associated with lower bone turnover in Renal transplant patients
Dec 27, 2010 - 9:38:40 AM

The corelation between leptin, PTH and bone density in Chronic kidney disease has been examined in many studies in the past. A study published in the December issue of Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology looked at the effect of adipose tissue on bone turnover through leptin production in kidney transplant recipients.

The study analysed associations of serum leptin with PTH and with biomarkers of bone turnover, viz. serum beta crosslaps (a marker of bone resorption) and osteocalcin (a marker of bone formation) in 978 kidney transplant recipients.

Higher leptin levels were associated with higher PTH and lower vitamin D levels, but on further analysis it was found that the effect of leptin on PTH was mediated through Vitamin D. High leptin levels were found to be significantly associated with lower levels of the bone turnover markers. The authors therefore concluded that elevated leptin level is independantly associated with lower bone turnover in kidney transplant recipients.

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