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Government clarify position on Arunachal Pradesh, Siachen: BJP
May 9, 2007 - 11:22:55 PM

Bhopal, May 9 - The Bharatiya Janata Party - Wednesday demanded the government clarify its position on the ongoing talks over Siachen with Pakistan and reported incursion of Chinese troops by 20 kilometres into Arunachal Pradesh.

Talking to newsmen here, BJP President Rajnath Singh said the issues were of utmost importance as they involved the security of the nation.

'The people of the country want to know the position their government is taking on such matters', he said.

'Media reports about incursion by Chinese troop and capturing of Indian Army camps vacated by the military in the wake of extreme cold, at a time when Sino-Indian boundary dispute talks were making progress after nine rounds of interaction between the special representatives of the two countries, were matter of grave concern though, the government was silent over it', said Rajnath.

Quoting media reports Rajnath said: 'China has moved into the Tawang area of Arunachal Pradesh and has set up a helipad too. It's a question of territorial integrity and the government should therefore make a statement in parliament and assure the nation that every inch of Arunachal Pradesh is safe'.

'The country should also register strong protest with the President of China', he demanded, adding that similar confusion also prevails over what was going on the Siachen front.

'While the president and foreign minister of Pakistan claim that the talks were in progress towards a positive solution, the Indian foreign minister says that Pakistan can't be trusted,' Singh said.

'The actual nitty gritty about the talks on Siachen should be made public and no decision should be taken without taking the Indian Army into confidence', the minister added.

The BJP president also charged the UPA with derailing the economy of the nation and said that it should concentrate on improving the condition of farmers for a healthy economy.

'The government report mentions about thousands of peasants committing suicide and therefore, it should bring out a white paper on the condition of farmers in the country and also spell out the measures it intends to adopt for their welfare', the BJP leader opined.

Singh also asked the government about the implementation of the report of Farmer's Commission that was constituted during the NDA regime and claimed that no farmer in this country would remain in penury if the said commission report was implemented.

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