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FIFA launches GOAL 2011 to help ailing Indian football
Apr 15, 2007 - 10:42:28 PM

Kolkata, April 15 - FIFA president Joseph Blatter Sunday launched 'Goal 2011' project that will look into the maladies affecting the growth of the game in India and try to provide time-bound solutions for it.

The project titled 'Win in India with India' under Vision Asia development scheme is the second project in the country that will have a target of 2011 to achieve its objectives.

Addressing a press meet here, Blatter said: 'We have not come here to fight against an established sport in this country. I am here to speak on my game. It is football. Some call it soccer. We call it world sport.'

Talking about the development of soccer in this country, he said: 'If football is to grow here, it has to become a part of the social life of people. We are here to guide you on how to go and where to go. You have to develop the administrative structure and form a pyramid-like infrastructure in which football starts from schools and spreads to the national level.

'We will form a working group with representatives from FIFA, Asian Football Confederation - and All India Football Federation - and try to draw an inventory of all the matters concerning the game and fix a time table for addressing each issue. It will take into consideration the financial help that is needed and how you raise the money through the governmental and corporate support.

'Football cannot grow without political help and financial support from business houses. It is needed to develop the game at all levels and not just the club level,' Blatter said.

Asked if FIFA would increase its grant for India, he said: 'Under the support of GOAL project, India gets $400,000 under the second project that launches tomorrow.

'In addition, under the development programmes we are looking at all other fields like marketing, refereeing and development of administrative set-up and infrastructure. First, we will draw up the inventory and if money is needed it can be generated. But it would be better if you also develop the means of generating your own funds.'

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