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Win in India with India, says FIFA chief
Apr 17, 2007 - 9:43:20 PM

New Delhi, April 17 - In his attempt to take Indian football to the world level, FIFA chief Joseph Blatter announced the launch of a development project 'Win in India with India' here Tuesday.

'The development project 'Win in India with India' will be launched soon in the next few months. You must make the homework here in your country for your country,' said Blatter, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the All India Football Federation -.

The project under Vision Asia development scheme is the second in the country that will have a target of 2011 to achieve its objectives.

'We have a committee called the social responsible committee and they will be working out on the details and in the next few months we will have the project.

'FIFA is not here to develop new colony but we will urge India to come forward and work with us to take the football to the world level. The help will be in the form of human intelligence and financial assistance,' he said.

The AIFF also received a shot in the arm when Blatter announced that India would get a grant of $250,000 -- which will also be given to all the 208 members of the FIFA as financial grant.

'This grant will be independent of the project 'Win in India with India',' he said.

Blatter said that during his third visit to the country -- and first as a FIFA chief -- he has found that the political leadership of the country is interested in developing the sport.

'I have met the president and the prime minister and I felt that the political leadership of the country is really interested in football. Because the game is the school of life,' he said.

The FIFA chief expressed that this was a delayed visit and that he should have come here earlier.

'If possible I will obviously make another visit very shortly to see how the project is working,' he said.

The FIFA chief also said that he will soon have legendary players like Michel Platini and Franz Beckenbauer on his executive board and if India wants the duo could be seen visiting the country promoting the game.

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