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Last Updated: May 19, 2007 - 1:28:39 PM
News Report
Sri Lanka Channel

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Sri Lanka

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Sri Lankan navy destroys Tamil rebel boat, killing 15
Feb 28, 2007 - 1:28:01 PM
He said the ship, sailing without a flag and which did not respond to the warnings of the navy, was on fire.

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[RxPG] Colombo, Feb 28 - The Sri Lanka Navy destroyed two Tamil rebel boats off the north-eastern coast, killing at least 15 rebels, a military spokesman said Wednesday.

The two boats destroyed were among a flotilla of 14 boats moving off the Pulmoddai area, 360 km north-east of the capital, Tuesday night, military spokesman Major S Rajapakse said.

At least 15 rebels were believed killed in the attack while two sailors were injured, he said.

Also Wednesday morning a ship believed to be carrying military hardware for the rebels was sunk off the southern coast, he said.

The ship, sighted 180 nautical miles off the southern coast of Matara, had been ordered to halt, but instead had started speeding off, prompting the navy to fire at the ship.

'There was also return fire from the ship and they were believed to be carrying weapons for the LTTE -,' he said.

He said the ship, sailing without a flag and which did not respond to the warnings of the navy, was on fire.

The attack came a day after the rebels launched a mortar attack at a group of diplomats visiting the eastern part of the country and injured the Italian Ambassador, Pio Mariani, and 11 others.

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