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Rajasthan plans to open biodiversity project to tourists
Jan 27, 2007 - 8:19:42 AM

Jaipur, Jan 27 - Rajasthan, a major tourist destination, is set to open up a forested area near Jaipur as a biodiversity attraction in the desert state.

'We have developed the forest area of Jhalana under the Rajasthan biodiversity project with an investment of Rs.3 million,' Devendra Bhardwaj, regional forest officer, told IANS.

Being promoted as a prime attraction for tourists, the area would have a deer park spread over 60 hectares. There are about 50 deer and plans are to bring in 50 more.

Visitors would also be able to catch a glimpse of several other animals like monkeys, hyenas, foxes, sambhar and blue bulls.

The southern part of the park has been developed to attract migrant birds from all over the world and a forest lodge is being converted into a rest house for tourists.

The Jhalana forest park is home to over 30 rare species of medicinal plants and visitors will be able to get more information about their uses.

'The entry tariffs for tourists and their vehicles are still to be finalised. A detail proposal in this regard has been sent to the state government,' Bhardwaj said.

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