Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund raised $2 million in online funds in hours
By Clinton Foundation
Sep 8, 2005, 00:18

The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund announced that it has raised over $2 million in online donations. This announcement comes less than 6 hours after the Fund announced that it had raised $1 million dollars online in approximately 24 hours.

“The American people have immediately stepped in to help with this relief effort with an amazing showing of generosity,” President Clinton said. “I am so proud and encouraged by the tremendous support offered to these people in need. This truly is an example of the goodness and caring of the American people.”

The Fund estimates that over 10,000 people have made their donations on their website

“Rebuilding the Gulf States is going to take every dollar we raise,” President Bush said. “I am pleased with this initial outpouring of support and hope that it continues in the days and weeks ahead.”

The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund will serve as an umbrella for the three special funds established by Governors Blanco, Barbour, and Riley to assist their states and will largely focus on collecting donations to assist in the recovery plan for the affected states.

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