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Last Updated: Aug 19th, 2006 - 22:18:38

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Royal College of General Practitioners announces GP certification unit
Sep 2, 2005, 02:13, Reviewed by: Dr.

The unit will go live on the 1st of October 2005. The certification unit will be part of the RCGP�s Postgraduate Training Committee (PTC).

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has announced it is setting up a new certification unit to process applications for a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) from GP trainees. The unit will go live on the 1st of October 2005. The certification unit will be part of the RCGP�s Postgraduate Training Committee (PTC).

The RCGP has worked closely with the Joint Committee on Postgraduate Training for General Practice (JCPTGP) and the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB) to ensure a smooth transition when the PMETB assumes its statutory powers on 30 September, when the JCPTGP will cease to exist.

Applications will cost �350 for a CCT under Article 5 arrangements. This fee represents the College�s cost in carrying out this process. There will also be a fee payable to PMETB of �250 for the submission of CCT applications to the Board. Further details of the procedure for Article 5 and also Article 11 applications (equivalent experience) will be issued shortly on the RCGP and PMETB websites.

The General Practitioners Committee (GPC) is making representations to the Doctors and Dentist Review Body (DDRB) to ensure that the new fees are taken into account when registrar pay is set.

Dr Mayur Lakhani, Chairman of the RGCP, said: �I am sorry we have to levy a fee and I understand the concerns of trainees. However, this is a new process that the RCGP has to establish which requires new resources. It also brings us into line with other Royal Colleges. We will set the fees at the lowest possible level commensurate with providing an efficient service. This is to ensure that applicants will continue to receive their certificates without delay.�

Dr Hamish Meldrum, Chairman of the General Practitioners Committee (GPC), said �It is regrettable that fees have to be charged but this reflects the reality of the situation and brings us into line with specialist training in other disciplines. I want to reassure trainees that the GPC will be making robust representation to the DDRB to ensure that the fees are taken into account in setting GP registrar remuneration�

Dr Bill Reith, Chair of the Postgraduate Training Committee (PTC), said �The PTC will oversee and recommend standards for specialist training in general practice to PMETB. Certification is an integral part of this.�

Dr John Toby, Chair of the Joint Committee, said �We are pleased to work together with the PTC to ensure a smooth transition. Joint Committee staff and officers have worked together with PTC staff to ensure a smooth handover.�

David Rees, Certification Manager at PMETB, said: �We are confident of making the transition process as smooth as possible. We are working in partnership with all stakeholders to ensure the effective transfer of the current JCPTGP responsibilities to PMETB. We see the long-term benefits of bringing the regulation and standard setting of both specialty and general practice postgraduate medical education and training into one organisation.�

Information on articles 5 and 11 available at: http://www.pmetb.org.uk/pmetb


Royal College of General Practitioners

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