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Last Updated: Nov 17th, 2006 - 22:35:04

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Discussion of Step 2 CS Case Content is Irregular Behavior
Oct 23, 2004, 08:56, Reviewed by: Dr.

A recent posting to the USMLE´┐Ż website describes strategies employed by some medical school faculty to obtain information on Step 2 CS case content. These educators "debrief" medical students who have just taken Step 2 CS, record information on case content, and share it with students who have not yet taken Step 2 CS.

Providing and/or disseminating information about case material is a violation of USMLE rules. By actively soliciting live case content from recent test takers, faculty may be asking students to violate USMLE rules. The USMLE posting advises examinees participating in this activity that the USMLE program will aggressively take action against any individual who violates the security of USMLE through the disclosure and/or dissemination of examination content, and that these examinees will be subject to a variety of sanctions, including permanent annotation of their USMLE records and being barred from taking any Step examination for a period of time.

All applicants should review and understand the information in the full announcement on the USMLE website.



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Discussion of Step 2 CS Case Content is Irregular Behavior

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