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Editorial Policy and Guidelines for RxPG NEWS Service
Jan 1, 2004, 06:01

The following guidelines apply to the editorial team and news content of the site.


1. The news published on THE SITE is carefully selected and reviewed before publication by an expert team of editors and free lance journalists on behalf of RxPG.

2. The sources for the news have been carefully selected and completely legal. At the time of selection we do not have any reason to doubt their authenticity.

3. Our editorial team monitors the press releases world over from all major health related centres 24 hours a day and publish articles based on them.

4. The news articles on current affairs will be published as soon as possible, however at times due to unavoidable reasons, there could be unforeseen delays. Every precaution will be taken to avoid such delays.

5. User contributed articles will NOT be directly published on THE SITE. They will have to undergo an editorial scrutiny and a possible rewrite before publication.

6. THE SITE actively discourages the use of graphics or pictures on its web pages for the benefit of wider audiences on slow dialup connections.

7. Headlines of all the news articles in THE SITE will be informative rather than shocking. RxPG believe in playing a responsible media role by disseminating factual information and actively discourages tabloid style reporting.

8. The information provided on THE SITE will be factual rather than opinionated or biased. The columns and the views expressed by editorial staff and guest writers will be clearly marked in a separate section named as OPINIONS.

9. Every effort will be made to cover only the medical and health news and related topics with a clear focus and preference on the news items relevant for medical community.

10. A group of medically qualified doctors will always form an essential part of the RxPG NEWS staff to maintain the quality and reliability of the news items on THE SITE.

Terms used in this document:

The term "THE SITE" used in this document refers to RxPG NEWS website at

The term "RxPG" used in this document refers to "RxPG Medical Solutions Private Limited, India"


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