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Last Updated: Nov 17th, 2006 - 22:35:04

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GMC office to be opened in Cardiff
Oct 8, 2004, 15:40, Reviewed by: Dr.

The General Medical Council is to open an office in Cardiff, it was announced today.

Speaking at the third annual GMC conference in Wales, President Sir Graeme Catto said “I am glad to be able to announce the opening of the new office. We are committed to improving our links with both the public and the profession, which is why we are opening this office in Cardiff.”

The decision to open a new office followed consultation with key stakeholders, who overwhelmingly came out in support of establishing a GMC presence in Wales. This will be the fourth GMC office, supplementing those already up and running in London, Manchester and Edinburgh. The office will establish and maintain links with the Welsh Assembly and key policy bodies. This will better enable the GMC to monitor healthcare issues across Great Britain and respond to the changing health agenda in Wales following devolution. The office will be opened by early 2005.

This third conference was aimed at generating discussion and ideas about how the GMC can better involve others in its policy and decision making processes. Among those participating in the debate were the Rt Hon Rhodri Morgan AM, First Minister, John Griffiths AM who was speaking as the Deputy Minister for Older People, and Vanessa Bourne, former Chair of the Patients Association.


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