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Last Updated: May 19, 2007 - 1:28:39 PM
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Hindu scholar finds similarities with Maori culture
Jan 28, 2007 - 11:25:03 AM
The Indian scientist has written books on Indian culture and the similarities between Hindu and Maori.

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[RxPG] Auckland, Jan 28 - Many similarities can be found between Sanskrit, the classical language of India, and Maori, the language and tradition of the indigenous people of New Zealand, according to an Indian scientist.

Infact, some Hindu cultural facets are more similar to Maori than most people realise, says senior scientist Dr Guna Magesan, who moved to New Zealand from Nilgiri in India in 1988 to complete a PhD on soil science at Massey University.

Next month, Magesan will share his Kiwi experience at the World Hindu Conference to be held in India, where he has been asked to talk about what it is like being a Hindu living in New Zealand, according to Daily Post newspaper.

Similarities between Hindu and Maori customs and language are making living in New Zealand an easier transition for some Indian immigrants, said Magesan.

'There are at least 185 Sanskrit and other Indian language words similar to the Maori language. For example, 'mana' means pride or self-respect,' he said.

The Indian scientist has written books on Indian culture and the similarities between Hindu and Maori.

Magesan has also encouraged his son Murali, 11, to learn the Maori language at school and be a member of the kapa haka group, a contemporary performance style of the Maori people.

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