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Last Updated: May 20, 2007 - 10:48:48 AM
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Left upset over its defeat, but happy over BJP's loss
May 11, 2007 - 7:15:55 PM
The BJP's performance in Uttar Pradesh was the worst since 1991. It finished at the third position with just 50 seats.

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[RxPG] New Delhi, May 11 - Mauled in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the Left parties Friday said that contesting separately had proved detrimental, but were happy over the decimation of the 'communal' Bharatiya Janata Party -.

Communist Party of India-Marxist - leader Sitaram Yechury admitted that 'going it alone' in Uttar Pradesh had not yielded results for the Left Front.He congratulated Bahujan Samaj Party - supremo Mayawati on winning absolute majority in the 403-member assembly.

'Obviously, the decision to go it alone did not yield any results. It is unfortunate that none of the Left parties could win seats,' Yechury told IANS here.

The CPI-M and the Communist Party of India - failed to win a single seat in a state where they were once a major political force. The CPI-M, CPI, Forward Bloc and Revolutionary Socialist Party had fought the elections individually.

Yechury admitted that the election results once again proved that their strategy in the Hindi heartland had not been successful.

'We have to seriously think about it. But the Left was never thinking in terms of electoral achievements,' he said.

Agreed his ally CPI leader D. Raja.

'The Left should do an introspection as we have not been able to make any impact in the Hindi heartland,' Raja, CPI deputy leader, told IANS.

While the Forward Bloc and CPI-M were soft towards Samajwadi Party, the CPI opposed it fiercely and joined hands with former prime minister V.P. Singh's Jan Morcha. While the CPI-M fielded only nine candidates, the CPI fielded 22, Forward Bloc 12 and RSP nine candidates.

'It was Mulayam Singh's over confidence that led to his defeat. He could have taken leadership in forging a non-Congress, non-BJP secular front,' Forward Bloc leader G. Devrajan said.

But Raja felt that Mulayam Singh's defeat was good news. 'We are happy that Mulayam Singh and the BJP are defeated,' he said.

'After 1989, it is the first time that a single party is winning majority. So we hope that the new government will take up people's issues,' Yechury said.

The BJP's performance in Uttar Pradesh was the worst since 1991. It finished at the third position with just 50 seats.

Both before India's independence and for some years later, the then undivided CPI was a major political force in Uttar Pradesh.

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