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Last Updated: Oct 11, 2012 - 10:22:56 PM
The Information Centre
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Healthcare : UK

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Ten per cent rise in money spent on social care services

Feb 9, 2007 - 5:40:39 AM , Reviewed by: Dr. Rashmi Yadav
"It also reflects the increased cost of providing care for older people as our population ages. As we live longer, councils are providing care to help a growing number of older people live independently in their own homes."

[RxPG] Spending on public sector social care services has risen by ten per cent over the past two years, according to figures released today by The Information Centre for health and social care.

Councils spent £19.3 billion on social care services for adults and children during 2005-06, compared with £17.7 billion in real terms in 2003-04.

There has been a continued rise in social care expenditure over the last ten years, up from £10.8 billion in 1995-96. The past twelve months saw a four per cent rise in expenditure, with £18.6 billion being spent in 2004-05.
ending on services for adults and older people has risen by five per cent over the past year. Services for adults and older people comprised 74 per cent of the total social care expenditure (£14.2 billion) during 2005-06.

This rise in the level of expenditure reflects the increasing number of adults and older people receiving services – 1.7 million were given care in the last year, a rise of two per cent.

Chief Executive of The Information Centre, Denise Lievesley said, "The rise in social care expenditure reflects continuing growth in investment and provision of a wider range of services, including residential and nursing care, assistive equipment that helps a client live at home, and adoption services.

"It also reflects the increased cost of providing care for older people as our population ages. As we live longer, councils are providing care to help a growing number of older people live independently in their own homes."

Children and families received 25 per cent of funding for social services. Other expenditure was accounted for by services for older people (43 per cent), adults with learning disabilities (16 per cent), physically disabled adults (7 per cent), adults with mental health problems (5 per cent) and other adult services (2 per cent). Asylum seekers accounted for a further one percent of expenditure.

On the web: http://www.ic.nhs.uk/ 

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 About Dr. Rashmi Yadav
This news story has been reviewed by Dr. Rashmi Yadav before its publication on RxPG News website. Dr. Rashmi Yadav, MBBS, is a senior editor for RxPG News. In her position she is responsible for managing special correspondents and the surgery section of the website. Her areas of special interest include cardiothoracic surgery and interventional radiology.
RxPG News is committed to promotion and implementation of Evidence Based Medical Journalism in all channels of mass media including internet.
 Additional information about the news article
The Information Centre is working to make information more relevant and accessible - to the public, regulators, health and social care professionals and policy makers, leading to improvements in knowledge and efficiency. We are also streamlining data collections to reduce the burden on frontline staff, releasing more time for direct care.

Information in the report is derived from data collected annually on social services expenditure from Councils with Social Services Responsibilities on the form PSS EX1, relating to the period 1 April 2005 to 31 March 2006. This report provides gross and net current expenditure by client group and service type; net expenditure is measured as total expenditure less total income, including client contributions. The client groups stated will generally reflect the primary cause for placement/service provided. All 150 councils provided information, although some of the detailed information on the returns was not supplied. This collection has been the responsibility of The Information Centre since April 2005. Prior to this data was collected by the Department of Health.

Information used to calculate the percentage increases on expenditure has been adjusted for inflation, and are expressed as real term increases.

The report Personal Social Services Expenditure and Unit costs is available from The Information Centre website www.ic.nhs.uk/pubs/pssex0506

Since 2003-04 spending on social care services includes additional funding made available to councils through the Supporting People grant, this accounted for three per cent of total gross expenditure (£650 million) in 2005-06.
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