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Last Updated: Oct 11, 2012 - 10:22:56 PM
Behavioral Science Channel

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Cell phone tunes could reflect one's personality

Dec 10, 2006 - 2:17:59 PM
'There is a huge demand for Hindi and English songs but there is also considerable demand for regional music. Every time a new Bollywood flick releases, the demand for its songs as Hello tunes goes up,' the source says.

[RxPG] New Delhi, Dec 10 - Hello tunes - the myriad melodies you hear when you call someone on the mobile phone - could reflect the user's personality and also affect the mood of the listener, say psychologists.

'Bright and light tones may reflect a bright personality but it could also be associated with someone who is feeling low and wants to feel bright,' leading psychiatrist Sanjay Chugh told IANS.

'Sad tones suggest an underlying depression or low mood. Romantic tones have their own story to tell,' adds Chugh, who is the founder chairman of the International Institute of Mental Health here.

But a hello tune could also prove to be a complete contrast to the user's personality.

'When we choose something, our conscious and sub-conscious minds are involved. And unknowingly, our choice reflects our personality. In an effort to be what you feel like, the choice of the hello tune can depict the core of a person. But sometimes it can be completely contradictory to that as well,' says S.K. Sharma, another Delhi-based psychologist.

Hello tunes have now become an alternative for those who are shy to speak up or send a message. According to Chugh, the content and tone of the hello tune 'directly affects the mood of the listener'.

Says Amit Soni, a student: 'I set my hello tune according to my mental state. It has a direct effect on the caller. If I'm in love, I will set a romantic hello tune because I want my love interest to listen what I'm feeling. If I've just broken off, I'll put a sad song like 'Tadap Tadap Ke...'.'

But some believe that the user's surroundings and current trends also contribute to the selection of hello tunes.

'The hello tune also depends on the nature and surroundings of an individual. If someone is religious by nature, he will put a spiritual tune. And college-going people will prefer a trendy tune,' remarks Ajeet Singh, a media professional.

The surge in demand for hello tunes can also be attributed to the successful strategies of telecom companies.

'We launched this service in September 2004 and till April 2006, there have been 75 million downloads of all music forms - hello tunes, ring tones and music tracks,' says an informed source in Airtel, a leading telecom service provider in India.

'We have a database of 25,000 songs in 20 different languages, which we keep updating,' the source adds.

But the love for cinema and film songs is also a known driving force among the youngsters.

'There is a huge demand for Hindi and English songs but there is also considerable demand for regional music. Every time a new Bollywood flick releases, the demand for its songs as Hello tunes goes up,' the source says.

But Chugh notes that telecom service providers 'often thrust these tunes down the user's throat' but added that people could turn to these tunes in an 'effort to keep up with the vogue.'

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Cell phone tunes could reflect one's personality

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