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Last Updated: Sep 15, 2017 - 4:49:58 AM
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Elderly show way to recovery after surgeries

Jul 17, 2011 - 6:47:48 PM

Diabetics, after entering the age of 40, also need regular screening for eyes and arthritis.

[RxPG] Retired professor J.R. Verma, 91, underwent a second knee replacement surgery four months ago. But the only signs of old age this Delhiite carries are a walking stick and a deeply wrinkled skin. He is active and on his way to recovery.

'I still tell my children that I am not old. I can walk on my own, and a surgery or medical facility should only make me feel better,' Verma said as he was joined by many senior citizens of south Delhi's Defence Colony to celebrate 'Grandparents Day' Sunday.

Verma is keen to take his passion for photography and writing going ahead -- undeterred by his physical condition.

'I suffer from arthritis. I had a surgery at the age of 79, and have been leading an active life as a writer and amateur photographer since then,' he added.

Joining Verma was 78-year-old N.N. Mehra, who received a liver transplant in 2010. 'Life only gets better if you embrace what comes with age,' he quipped.

Medanta Mediclinic in the locality came out with their 'winning stories' on how the old recovered well from surgical operations that come with age.

'There are certain diseases that people are more prone to after the age of 50. A timely health check up can help in diagnosing the disease early and make them lead an active life later,' said Medanta Hospital's institute of cardiac sciences chairman Naresh Trehan.

Diseases such as cancer and arthritis can be treated in a much better way if diagnosed early, experts said.

'Prostate cancer screening should begin by the age of 50. In fact people who have a family history of the disease should go for screening early,' Trehan said, adding that 'preventive care among senior citizens is all about caution and awareness'.

Diabetics, after entering the age of 40, also need regular screening for eyes and arthritis.

'Screening centres and comprehensive health check ups should become a part of the health policy for senior citizens. More importantly, youngsters should bring awareness measures to their notice,' said Medanta's institute of bone and joint replacement chairman Ashok Rajgopal.

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